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July 21, 2015

Venue: Glaziers Hall, 9 Montague Close, London Bridge, London, SE1 9DD

Date: Planet DeaFantastic EXPO, Mon 13th JULY 2015 in LONDON - Feedback

Date: Highlights of the Planet DeaFantastic EXPO 2015!!!! London


TERRA’s Planet Deaf Fantastic! Expo took place on Monday 13 July 2015. It was a great day with a hundreds of D/deaf people of all ages attending! The event was packed with curious people who visited the stalls and enjoyed the presentations. We had feedback from all that it was an informative and fun day! The venue was perfect and everything was well organised. Everyone said they learnt a lot and laughed
The day started with a welcome note from TERRA, the leading provider of BSL interpreting and translation services for D/deaf people. Terra are the event organisers and they welcomed everyone to the Expo and invited them to look around the stalls, watch the presentations and learn from all the available information.
This was followed by presentations from; VivasPro, Arbonne, the Royal Association for the Deaf (RAD), Deafinitely Theatre and the Midi Music Company. All these companies gave really interesting signed presentations about their services, what they can offer D/deaf people and how they can help the deaf. Everyone in the audience watched the presentations attentively and said how much they enjoyed them. There was even a deaf story teller whose various stories about his experiences were adventurous and interesting – the audience loved it!


There were stalls and information available from VivasPro, the Royal Association for the Deaf (RAD), Deafinitely Theatre, the Midi Music Company, Arbonne, Doncaster Communications College, Deaf Roots, SEA Recruitment, the University of Wolverhampton, Terra Signing Academy, YouMeSign, Sam2Sam and All Communications Network (ACN)


There were lots of opportunities for D/deaf people to speak to these companies, ask questions and get advice and information about education, employment, benefits, setting up a business, leisure activities, health and beauty.
The “CV Clinic” was extremely popular. It offered D/deaf people free advice about how to improve their CVs so they are better prepared to apply for jobs and get interviews.
Dr. Osmanovic from TERRA Consultancy gave the closing presentation “ Try Your Wings ”, which was fantastic. She explained how D/deaf people can achieve their dreams in work and in business by changing their mind-set, being confident and taking positive action. After watching the presentation, many D/deaf people said they felt they had a better understanding of how to set up their own business and had an increased confidence about the skills needed to succeed in the workplace.
The feedback about the Planet DeaFantastic! Expo was that it was a wonderful day and everyone had a great time. All the stalls and information were very useful to the D/deaf. People said that they had been given good advice and had learnt a great deal from the presentations and stalls, whilst also having fun.
Many people were asking “When is the next Planet DeaFantastic Expo?”

July 8, 2015


Great pre-visit to the Planet DeaFantastic EXPO!

Hello everyone! As you all know Terra are hosting the  PLANET DEAFANTASTIC EXPO , a fun, information and action packed exhibition day for everyone. It takes place on  13 July 2015  from 10am till 4pm at Glaziers Hall, 9 Montague Close, London Bridge SE1 9DD.

It’s the  UK’s FIRST ever Deaf Expo!  Come and make history with us! It’s really exciting!

The venue is confirmed as the beautiful  Glaziers Hall  which is only a few minutes walk from London Bridge and Waterloo stations.

We have some fantastic companies and presentations at the Expo providing information and advice about things like education, employment, theatre, music, business and deaf access.

There will be a dedicated advice station at the Expo with experts providing instant information on a range of topics such as:
· Are you looking for a new job? Bring your CV to the advice station. There will be advisors will help “improve your CV” and give tips on job seeking.
· Do you plan to go to higher education or university? Come to the Expo to talk to an  ”advisor”  to advise you about degree choice, access and funding.
· Do you have a business idea or plan? Bring your drafted business plan to the Expo where experts will help you improve with  ‘’business plan support’’  and give you tips to help you succeed.
· Do you have questions or problems with health or care? Bring them with you and you can get free advice and help from  ‘’health services’’

· There will be stalls selling lots of other products. Come prepared to go  “shopping”.

Remember there will be a kids club provided all day at the Expo - you don’t have to worry about childcare.

The Planet DeaFantastic Expo has been featured in  SL First Magazine . SL First Magazine is a leading publication which brings together businesses and services that are accessible to the Deaf and Hard of Hearing communities. Here’s the link:  http://slfirst.co.uk/community/whats-on/planet-deafantastic-expo,-london-linking-deaf-people-to-help-support/

If you would like to promote your products, services or organisation, you can book a stall at the event. There’s only a few stalls left though and places are limited so if you don’t want to miss out, better hurry up!

Please fill out this enquiry form to request a  stall booking pack https://planetdeafantastic.wordpress.com/booking-form-2/

For more information  and the background on the event please follow:
Please visit our  Facebook page  and confirm if you will be attending the event:

May 16, 2015

Hello everyone! 
As you all know Terra are hosting the PLANET DEAFANTASTIC EXPO 2015, a fun, information and action packed exhibition day for everyone. 
It takes place on 13 July 2015 from 10am till 4pm at the 

Glaziers Hall
9 Montague Close 
London Bridge 
We are delighted to announce that the event has proved extremely popular and lots of people have confirmed they are coming! 
The event is going to be packed with information, advice, workshops, presentations, entertainment and fun!
Planet DeaFantastic EXPO is aimed at D/deaf and disabled people and is FREE for individuals. 
The event aims to reduce social isolation and tackle the lack of employment and educational opportunities for D/deaf and disabled people. Its goal is to provide clear and accessible information and advice to D/deaf and disabled people about the issues that affect them on a daily basis.
The presenters will be giving interesting presentations on issues that affect deaf and disabled people.
If you would like to promote your products, services or organisation, you can book a stall at the event. 
Places are limited so if you don’t want to miss out, better hurry up!
Please fill out this enquiry form to request a stall booking pack.  https:// planetdeafantastic.wordpress. com/booking-form-2/

May 14, 2015

Early Bird Offer

Change Address: Glaziers Hall
9 Montague Close 
London Bridge 

To book exhibition if you want to sell or promote on 

May 8, 2015

We are delighted to announce a special event called the PLANET DEAFANTASTIC EXPO - an action packed day for everyone on 13 July 2015.

The event is aimed at Deaf and disabled people and reducing social isolation. It also tackles lack of employment and educational opportunities for Deaf and disabled people. Planet Deafantastic is an initiative we have launched to do something positive about this! 
More importantly, Deaf and disabled people often suffer from the inability to access information even though it seems readily available to them. There seem to be opportunities and information everywhere, yet Deaf and disabled people often face barriers to accessing these opportunities and information. It's like they are walking in the daylight but they cannot see. 
To take part in this event, we invite you to book a place/or stall and present your service and products. 

Please note that places are limited and we urge you to book early to avoid disappointment.
Please fill the enquiry form to request a booking pack:  https://planetdeafantastic.wordpress.com/booking-form-2/

We promise a day filled with information on:
- set-up and/or promote business 
- Deaf and disabled services
- employment opportunities for disabled
- advice and advocacy information
- college and university education 
- workshops and seminars
- comedy and entertainment programme
-kids club provided
13 th JULY 2015 10.00 am-4.00 pm
Glaziers Hall
9 Montague Close 
London Bridge 
Kind regards

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