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Student Support


TERRA CONSULTANCY provides a one-stop progressive academic support service. We promote educational development through partnerships with academic institutions and disabled students.

We offer a unique study support package in which the course requirements of disabled students are matched with the professional and educational background of support workers. In this way, we encourage students to achieve their academic potential.

The services available to colleges and universities across the UK include:

  • Communication Support Workers
  • BSL Interpreters
  • Specialist Notetakers for Deaf and Visually Impaired Students
  • Language Support and Language Modification
  • Teachers of the Deaf
  • Lipspeakers
  • Specialist Mentors, Mental health and Autistic Spectrum Disorder
  • Specialist Study Skills Tutors
  • Assistive Technology Trainers
  • Mobility Trainers
  • Transcription Services


In order for students to achieve full access to their course TERRA endeavours to:

1.    Provide a one-stop progressive academic support service that facilitates educational development through partnerships on behalf of academic institutions and students with    various disabilities.

2.    Tailor unique packages in which the students’ course requirements are matched with the proficiencies of attending support workers.

3.    Motivate students to maximise their potential.

4.    Increase the employability of students by raising confidence in the workforce and professionals via the provision of practical help in developing and demonstrating specialized and transferable skills either as employees or the self-employed.


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BSL Video Call:

075 45 25 79 16
075 45 25 79 16

We can offer...

  • BSL Interpreter
  • Language Support
  • Help with CV
  • Help with DSA
  • Deaf Awareness Training
  • + More

We work with:

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